Crises shouldn’t be inevitable. PAMEE was created to aid the preparation and recovery process of the ongoing issues we all face in our communities – like public health crises, homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health. We do this each day by connecting the local community heroes with the resources they need to impact lives.

PAMEE empowers leaders to learn, grow, and receive relevant support in a community where everyone has a single goal:

to make our cities and towns safer.


Really Meaningful Support for Real People

We take the guesswork out of crisis management. Use our extensive team of Resource Coordinators to curate the critical aid you need along with vital tools, plans, and guides for prevention or recuperation. Acting as an extension of your team, we’ll also take the necessary steps to directly connect you with funds, volunteers, technology, and more – no matter how tedious and time-consuming the task.

We are here for you and your community.

Direct Access to Life-Saving Resources

We also give you complete access to the same resource mapping tools our coordinators use if you’d rather personalize your own lists of critical information and aid.

Build your support system with a robust network of Humanitarian Support, comprehensive Case Studies, emerging technologies, and more.

Vast Support System

Get access to donated funds, non-profits, and volunteers to help at a moment’s notice.

Extensive Learning

Knowledge is power. Find the information and resources you need to act confidently.

Timely Information

Discover a live newsfeed powered by Feedly, along with relevant solutions from the community.

The PAMEE Promise™

Get 10x the return or your money back. Guaranteed. Learn more.