Crises happen fast.
We make sure you can plan faster.

When crisis strikes being prepared means saving lives. PAMEE subscribers have access to a professional on-demand team of Resource Coordinators that help you find, source, and connect with the right suppliers and funders. We also give 24/7 access to our library of critical resources and vital information to act quickly. This means for many of the community leaders we work with - PAMEE is the best investment in preparedness they can make.

Let us help you find what you need and recommend even more. 

Using our national team of Resource Coordinators, we find the tailored and most actionable resources for your current needs and the areas you serve. We prepare complete lists and up-to-date contacts for donated goods, services, and the grants and funds that help create or enhance local support programs for you and your community - getting you ready to act today. 

Get 24/7 access to a library of critical information and support. 

Crises don’t have set timelines, and at PAMEE we know that means you’re often looking for immediate help at unanticipated times. As a subscriber to PAMEE you and your organization get 24/7 access to our online repository of emergency preparedness information, donated services and goods, and working case studies.

Share and Collaborate with the Resources You Collect

Whether you take advantage of our Resource Coordinators or access the platform to create your own lists of resources – PAMEE offers ways to share and cooperate with others in your team and community. Collaborate with contacts and your Resource Coordinators or download PDFs for long-term storage. We give you options to fit your needs.