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The Priority Asset Management Platform that helps State & Federal Agencies + Municipalities source supplies, equipment, and services needed during critical events.


Your Connection To Critical Supplies, Equipment, and Services

In critical situations, we know it is difficult for Municipalities, and State & Federal Agencies to find the supplies, equipment, and services that are needed. Supply chains are fragmented and there is no way to see what is available in the market. 

To overcome the challenges, PAMEE provides a long-term global solution to find not only the supplies and equipment but also the services and knowledge that you need during critical emergencies.

As your partner, we help you: 

  • Set up Your Organization
  • Identify & Find What You Need
  • Receive Quotes

When you sign up with PAMEE you’ll get instant access to our platform to create requests and view your organization’s available assets, plus our support team will reach out to help you every step of the way.

How PAMEE Works


Getting Started Is Easy

Create public and private requests for one-time events or recurring monthly needs

Use PAMEE to source and allocate critical supplies and equipment within your organization or get quotes from manufacturers and distributors, health care systems and charitable organizations worldwide.


Create Your Account

When you register with PAMEE, a dedicated representative is assigned to assist you by answering questions and helping you create requests. ​We want to ensure that all members of your organization can take advantage of PAMEE. Send your rep the names and emails of your colleagues, we will ensure that all users are set up and able to utilize the platform immediately.

Step 1

Are you a Manufacturer, Distributor, or Reseller of Critical Supplies, Equipment and Services?

Sign up and start responding to quote requests today.

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Our History

PAMEE is part of RiverCap Holdings. Our sister company, Zullix, spent a decade painstakingly developing technology to manage the supply chain and demand of an entire industry. Zullix constantly pursues applications of their platform beyond energy including mining, aerospace, organics, steel products, and real estate.

The Zullix platform gives visibility to supply and demand in highly fragmented supply chains. The same visibility that is needed to allocate resources during the current pandemic and critical events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and floods.

PAMEE is a technology company that utilized the Zullix technology to build a vendor and supply chain management platform for critical event readiness. It is used by Municipalities, State and Federal Agencies to manage vendors, assets and services needed during critical events now and in the future. 

Please share all feedback and suggestions with our team so that we can continually optimize this platform to increase the readiness of all of our users.  ​

Our Parent Company


PAMEE is a RiverCap Holdings company.

Our parent company’s portfolio includes the energy inventory platform ExchangeBase and their capital investment group, RiverCap Ventures.

To learn more about RiverCap Holdings or RiverCap Ventures, visit www.rivercapllc.com

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