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Connecting Community Heroes to Life Saving Resources

PAMEE is a resource platform built for leaders, heroes, and protectors. We combine humanitarian aid and valuable case studies with intelligent digital tools to help communities address and recover from ongoing issues, such as homelessness, substance abuse, and school safety.

► Personalized information & resources
► Local donations and support systems
► Extensive customer service network

Get the tools to make your community safer.

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The Team Connecting Community Heroes to Life Saving Resources

For every crisis, and community in need, there are those seeking the right home for donated offerings, and the funding to help get people back on their feet. Connecting these dots shouldn’t be complicated, but it takes time and effort to find and maintain local support networks - at PAMEE we want to do that work for you. Letting you get back to saving lives and making better places to live, work, and play.

Let our team find the most impactful donated products and free services to help your community or organization today.

PAMEE gives you access to:

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Local donations, funding & support systems

PAMEE App Icons_Emerging Tech

Expert knowledge and emerging technologies

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A national team of Resource Coordinators

All Backed with our PAMEE Promise™

We guarantee a return on your investment, or PAMEE is on us.

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Take advantage of our PAMEE Promise™ making sure you get a 10x return on a purchase or your money back. Guaranteed.

Create Life-Saving Roadmaps

PAMEE’s Roadmaps™ use a proprietary technology that organizes critical information, donations, and funds. They also provide a space to address issues and collaborate with the PAMEE community on a specific crisis. Constantly updated with timely news and life-saving resources, Roadmaps are created by inputting 3 data points:

► Community Crisis
► Account Type
► Location and Radius

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Open the Doors to the Largest Library of Critical Support

If you find yourself needing something more immediate, your PAMEE subscription includes instant access to the same tools our Resource Coordinators use every day. Custom-built from the ground up to identify and locate humanitarian support and knowledge based on an event and location - you never have to wait to save a life.

Humanitarian Support

Local volunteers, donated products, grants and funds, and non-profit treatment centers ready to help in times of need

Expert Knowledge

Case studies and guides from national experts, along with the latest in emerging technology and helpful online tools to keep you operating efficiently and effectively

Live News

When using the PAMEE resource mapping tool, get tailored live newsfeeds to stay on top of current trends, announcements, and other relevant news nationwide

Extend Your Team,
Grow Your Resources 

We help those whose job it is to serve others. Those who find and provide the necessary aid every day to help others, and we see the challenges they face in today’s fragmented world of supplies, support, and money.

That’s why we built our teams to be an extension of you, available every day to help you find the right piece of equipment, the best services to help someone in pain, or the funding to start a new social program. 


Whatever your need, PAMEE connects you with the right resource.

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Local Governments

arrow-right-01   Fire Departments

arrow-right-01   Police Departments

arrow-right-01   Cities

arrow-right-01   Counties

arrow-right-01   States

PAMEE App Icons_Education

School Systems

arrow-right-01   K-12

arrow-right-01   Higher Education

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Non-Profits & Charities


In proud partnership with:


PAMEE is proud to leverage Feedly’s unique newsfeeds to bring our subscribers the latest news around the crises, resources, and developing knowledge to save lives.

In proud partnership with:

PAMEE is proud to leverage Feedly’s unique newsfeeds to bring our subscribers the latest news around the crises, resources, and developing knowledge to save lives.