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Designed For State and Federal Agencies + Municipalities


Be Ready, Have Confidence In Your Ability To Manage Your Response To Critical Events

The long-term solution to get the assets and services you need in one location













As the leader of a municipality, state, or federal agency, it's critical that you get access to the equipment, supplies, and services you need in an emergency. We want to ensure that there are no barriers to get in the way, which is why PAMEE will always be free for you to use.

Source The Equipment and Supplies You Need


Vendor Qualification and Management

  • Qualification - New vendors that reach out can be directed to PAMEE where you can qualify them in one place 
  • Communication - Mass communication and individual vendor dialogue in one location
  • Quotes - Efficiently compare options and save the information for future needs


Private Requests

  • Communication - Expedite communication with your existing network of vendors and affiliates  
  • Privacy - Control visibility and source directly from your selected vendors
  • Inventory Awareness - Create an internal group to understand where inventory exists at all times across multiple organizations and systems


Public Requests

  • Awareness - Your critical needs can be seen by suppliers worldwide
  • New Supply - Streamline the process of engaging new vendors by organizing thousands of suppliers in one place
  • Quotes - Efficiently compare options and save the information for future needs

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Getting Started Is Easy

Create public and private requests for one-time events or recurring monthly needs

Use PAMEE to source and allocate critical supplies and equipment within your organization or get quotes from manufacturers and distributors, healthcare systems and charitable organizations worldwide.


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When you register with PAMEE, a dedicated representative is assigned to assist you by answering questions and helping you create requests. ​We want to ensure that all members of your organization can take advantage of PAMEE. Send your rep the names and emails of your colleagues, we will ensure that all users are set up and able to utilize the platform immediately.

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Are you a Manufacturer, Distributor, or Reseller of Critical Supplies, Equipment and, Services?

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Currently, there is no charge for suppliers to use PAMEE. However, we are evaluating various supplier-based pricing structures that will be implemented by the end of this year. We will keep all users informed as we come to a decision on how we will proceed.

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